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Low Fees

It takes nothing to list your items and once you make a sale, HokoSoko's commission is just the smallest piece of the pie.

Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Support and Education

Reach out to Hokosoko team at seller@hokosoko.com for any help and how to sell successfully.

Secure Marketplace

Secure marketplace catering to a large range of customers from around the region.

So, are you ready to start selling?
​​Why sell on HokoSoko

No Upfront

Sell online with no upfront or recurring cost.


Performance based system, you pay only if we sell.


Manage your online store anytime, anywhere.

Easy as ABC

You register, you list your products and start selling them online.

Effective Model

Cost effective and scalable model .


Service and technology support to help your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Once I become a Seller, how do I deal with the Buyer?

    Most of your interactions with the Buyer are through online emails and questions. You will need to make sure all your product information and stock is accurate and kept updated at all times. Through HokoSoko, your products will be reaching the online community of Buyers around the region. If the Buyer places an order, our easy Seller Panel will guide step by step right until your product is delivered to the Buyer.

  • What kind of products can be sold?

    Once you register and set up your online store with us, follow the step by step guide to complete your profile. There are many types of products sold on HokoSoko including gadgets and tools, household items and appliances, baby and children toys, pet supplies, furniture and also clothing. The list goes on.. Other than that, there are also some products tend to fall under the prohibited items list. Kindly refer to the list for more information on products that cannot be sold on HokoSoko.

  • What are the requirements to become a Seller?

    Within minutes of registration online, you will be able to upload your products and start selling online. Different types of sellers require different types of documents to complete the registration

  • Do I need to have my personal website to be able to Sell?

    You don't need a website to start selling on HokoSoko marketplace. Once you complete registration, you will have access to your own Seller account which you can use to list your products on coreb2cv10.retaxis.com This saves you the hassle of getting into the technical backend

  • Does the customer know that I am the Seller of the product?

    Yes. We will clearly indicate on our product detail pages that includes your brand name and your store name. The page will also state all the products that you have uploaded for sellin on HokoSoko.com. Also, during shipping, the product invoice will carry your brand/store name

  • Is selling on HokoSoko chargeable?

    Since we have a performance-based system, you only pay for the amount of sales that you make. Different items have different commissions, stated in our Commissions Structure.

  • What is the payment cycle?

    In HokoSoko, each cycle of payment is every 2-weeks (biweekly). Cycle A is 1st to 15th of every month and Cycle B is 16th to the end of each individual month. HokoSoko also requires an additional 5 working day processing time.

  • How do I list my products?

    You as a Seller will be able to list your own products in your own time by logging in to your Seller page and uploading your products from there. It is really easy and if you face any difficulties, you will always have support by our Seller Support Team at seller.support@HokoSoko.com

  • How do I manage my orders?

    You can manage your orders in through your ‘Manage Order’ tab in your Seller Page as well after you complete your registration. You will receive a notification when a buyer has made a purchase and you need to pack your product using HokoSoko packing material. From then on, every activity will be tracked and managed in your Seller page till the delivery of your product.

  • Are my online payments secure?

    You will be shipping your products to your customers after they have made purchase and payment online. We have engaged a reputable courier company to handle your products to be delivered to your customers. Also, we use a secure online payment system that is safe and protected.

  • Can I cancel/withdraw my account?

    Yes. You can cancel and withdraw from HokoSoko at any time, as long as you have fulfilled all payments and any pending matters with us.

  • Can customer review the seller?

    Yes. Customer is encouraged to review all purchases made. The reviews help to increase sales for you as the Seller, so be sure to put in extra effort for customer satisfaction

  • Whom do I approach in case of any query?

    In case you need help during any part of your registration, fulfilling an order or even after sales service, you can always contact our Seller Support Team at seller.support@HokoSoko.com.

  • Do I need GST (Goods and Service Tax) number to sell on HokoSoko?

    No, with HokoSoko a GST account is not mandatory. Our sellers are divided into 3 categories. Individual, Business and Company. Your documentation for registration is dependent of the category that you fall into.

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